GTO Dominican Cigars

100% Dominican Puro


DOBLE CAPAS (Two Wrappers)

STYLE: Pyramid

LENGTH: 6 inches   RING


FILLER: Dominican grown Cuban seed

BINDER: Dominican grown Cuban seed

WRAPPER: Interwined or barber pole style wrapper using aged Dominican maduro and U.S. Connecticut Shade Broad Leaf

BODY: Mild - Medium

NOTES: A very complex cigar, the flavor changes with every draw, It begins rich & smooth then progresses to a fuller flavored, yet mellow hint of nut & pepper, with an exceptional creamy finish.


STYLE: Churchill 

LENGTH: 7 inches  


FILLER: Dominican grown Cuban seed with a hint of Dominican Ligero

BINDER: Dominican grown Cuban seed

WRAPPER: Aged Maduro

BODY: Medium-Full

NOTES: The flavors include a mild peppery taste with earthy hints of coffee and cocoa. The finish is very smooth.


STYLE: Gran Toro  

Length: 6 inches 

Ring Gauge: 60 

FILLER: Triple Ligero 

BINDER: Dominican grown Cuban seed

WRAPPER: Aged Dominican Maduro

BODY: Full 

NOTES: Hints of coffee & cocoa with deep earthy undertones but not over-powering. A wonderful cigar that can be paired with red wine, rum, scotch or bourbon.